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Essential Resources for Today’s Furniture Industry

Businesses must adapt to a rapidly changing environment in order to thrive. Macroeconomic, demographic and technological factors influence success more than ever before. So, how do growing and challenged companies alike decide where to begin – when running day to day operations is pressure enough?

Dovetail Alliance was born out of a collective need: new solutions for complex times. We’ve done the research, handpicked the best providers and have the experience required to guide companies to improved health and profits. Achieve operational savings, increase sales and margins, and improve the overall profitability of your business through singular or comprehensive solutions from our experts.


There’s no other organization like ours in the home furnishings industry

Dovetail Alliance represents a comprehensive offering of service providers and specialists. Each of our member companies has mastered the latest technologies and best practices that drive business today.

We’re a one-stop resource dedicated to improving the performance of home furnishings retail and manufacturing operations, with an in-depth understanding of the United States and Canadian markets.

Developing a new retail concept? We’ve got you covered - from market research, retail brand development and property selection, to showroom layout, merchandising and beyond. Contact the Dovetail Alliance to get started.

Regardless of your company size or history, let us introduce you to the comprehensive power of our team’s expertise with no obligation or risk.


Schedule a free telephone confidential consultation with a Dovetail Alliance Advisor. Or, if you prefer to meet at your place of business, a needs analysis and “go-forward” plan is available on a fee plus expenses basis.

The time is always ripe for new leadership, alternative methods and creative real world solutions. Like the woodworker’s dovetail, our organization expresses attention to detail, interconnectedness and enduring strength. Please contact us today at (413) 567-0908 or click here to schedule your consultation.