Dovetail Alliance is What’s Next!

It’s time to change the way things have always been done.

Many in the home furnishings industry today are experiencing a paralyzing effect due to the rapidly changing technologies, globalization, shifting consumer demographics and the recent economic downturn. The need for creative problem solving has never been greater.

What if we were to aggregate some of the brightest among us to create real change and to revolutionize the way things are done? I believe that we’ve answered the question with the newly formed Dovetail Alliance. We’ve harnessed the collective brain power to form one of the best-in-class solutions provider networks, featuring top industry consultants and service providers.

All Dovetail member companies have a prolonged history in the home furnishings industry and have witnessed many successes and failures. We have been able to identify why some companies thrive and others don’t.

The problem for many is finding the time to uncover, learn, and consider all that is new for business growth and future success. From Planning to Implementation, Sales to Operations, every aspect of your business needs thorough attention to positively effect your bottom line. How can you possibly master each of these areas and still run your business?

Improve your business performance under the expert guidance of our members – to achieve singular solutions or a comprehensive action plan. Work in whatever manner is most comfortable for you. Contact our members directly, reach them through our web site, or schedule a free telephone consultation with one of our Management Advisors.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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