Musical Branding


Great advertising evokes emotional responses from consumers. It makes us happy, curious, sentimental, angry, etc. Great jingles had that affect on us, and they still can.

Audio Logos combine music and sound to brand a business or product. They are both a new and old art form. Audio Logos can be heard on TV, radio, websites, in retail stores, phone systems, as ringtones and places we haven't even thought of.


People recall what they experience. 'Right Tune Only' creates audio "experiences", to improve consumer recall of your business. Don't leave out that audio experience when branding your company.

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  • An effective to brand your company is by utilizing the auditory sense.

  • Do you remember these companies musical brands:

  • - Oscar Myer Weiner
    - Price line Negotiator
    - NBC tone
    - Folgers Coffee

      Our point is made!

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