Triad Management Associates:

Triad Management Associates (TMA) is a group of Home Furnishings Industry veterans dedicated to helping companies improve sales and operations, establish or re-build credit and develop new retail concepts throughout North America. With extensive industry insight, Triad Management Associates improves overall corporate performance and helps businesses weather economic storms through new innovative methods developed through its affiliate, Triad Turnaround Group.

What we do:

Triad Management Associates helps its clients Improve Corporate Performance by identifying issues and opportunities, establishing goals and implementing go-forward plans. TMA performs efficiencies analysis, advertising and marketing audits, merchandising, warehouse and delivery assessments and legal restructurings.

TMA also helps entrepreneurs Establish New Businesses – from concept development and business/roll out plans to merchandising and environmental design. Additionally, TMA’s vast network of partners provides all services needed to ensure successful ongoing operations – including advertising, human resources, legal and tax issues and market research.

Finally, TMA’s affiliate, Triad Turnaround Management, helps business owners and investors Establish and Re-build Credit and Improve Operations. Triad Turnaround Management creates custom workout plans, specific to the Home Furnishings Industry, to restructure finances, debt obligations and operations. We negotiate settlements with secured lenders and the Trades to set aside selected debt and facilitate the extension of credit to allow businesses to move forward. Finally, we roll up our sleeves and help businesses streamline operations, sell unwanted goods, and improve reporting and promotions.

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